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Your Questions Answered

What is Mindset/Self Development Coaching?

A life coach will work together with you to unlock your potential and allow you to discover your true self! As we tend to avoid  what we fear doing the most, your coach will encourage you to dig deeper to find answers to the questions of what those fears are and lead you through powerful questions and conversations to overcome those limiting barriers and enabling you to have a happier and fulfilled life. 

A life coach will help you find the clarity in your life and develop that through motivation, support and encouragement. 

Is a Mindset Coach a Therapist?

The answer is no. A Therapist generally focuses on the past issues and traumas and tries to find some emotional healing. 

A Mindset Coach focuses on the present and the future and what can be achieved and guides their clients into transforming their lives through motivational direction, mindset shifting and positive thinking in order to attain their goals and ambitions in life. 

How Many Coaching Sessions Will I Need?

The amount of coaching sessions will depend on the individual client. Most clients will get what they need out of around 6-12 sessions but some many need longer depending on what they want to achieve. 

Can I Justify The Cost of a Mindset/Self Development Coach? 

The answer is simple. Ask yourself:

"Do I want to live a completely different life from where I am right now?"

"Can I get there and achieve this on my own?"

"How long am I willing to stay in the position I'm in right now?"

As a professional coach, I have the life skills, the experience and the knowledge to help you to achieve your goals and change your life for the long term and that reflects the value of the service. Those changes are with you for life and the ultimate cost to you is the difference in your future! 

I Want to Start Now and Make Those Changes!    How Do I Get Started?

Just click on the link and fill in your details. I will get back to you within 24 hours for your FREE 30 minute Mini Coaching Session!

Why wait another day to change the rest of your life? 

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