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My Biography

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I was born and raised in the North of England with my parents and lived there until I was around 25 years old.

My passion and hobbies from a very early age were horses, acting and singing!

I was very lucky to be able to own my own pony at the age of 12 and have spent most of my life riding, show jumping and owning my own horses for the last 40+ years!


As well as riding, my other obsession was acting and at the age of 13, I joined the infamous Oldham Theatre Workshop and was trained by David Johnson, the founder of this Youth Theatre which is still going strong today.


I decided that was going to be my career and threw myself into it. I was very lucky to have lots of leading roles in various musicals, pantomimes and comedy dramas and also did a substantial amount of television work, although most of that was very small walk on parts for the BBC, ITV, and Yorkshire TV.

I eventually landed a great little speaking part in Coronation St where I played the role of one of Terry Duckworth’s girlfriends and throughout my short acting career, I met many stars who were great inspirations and mentors to me.


I also did professional singing and did a whole week at Bernard Manning’s club in Manchester once, which was a fantastic experience. Mr Manning said something to me one day, when the audience were being a bit rowdy (it was a policeman’s ball!!). He said” Andrea, you will come across all sorts of people in this life, but no matter how daunting or intimidating it might be, put on your smile, hold your head up high and walk on that stage like you bloody own it!”


That conversation has stayed with me throughout my life and in many areas of my life, has been an absolute inspiration to the way I have approached and handled situations.


I have done numerous professions including secretarial, equine massage, hairdressing and beauty therapy and always qualified to the highest level in everything I have set out to achieve but it hasn’t always been easy!


I have always been a people person and have excelled in being part of a team in whatever I have set out to do.

Being in the hair and beauty industry also taught me that I was an extremely good mentor and a great listener, something I now utilise to my greatest advantage in what I do now through Life Coaching and Self Development Coaching.


I have also been through some dark times, including divorce which left me pretty much with nothing. There have also been some family traumas, especially with my young daughter’s ill health, which led me down a very dark path of mental illness and depression.


Somewhere deep inside me though, I managed to find a light that shone and that gave me the strength to carry on and made me realise that I had so much more to give and that life could be great again!


I was still helping a lot of people with their own struggles when I was going through my own issues and because I could see that I was making a huge difference to them, I made a life changing decision  to train and qualify as a Life Coach, so I could help transform people’s lives and guide them into rebuilding their lives back up again, just like I did.


Coaching is my absolute passion and all my clients are amazing people!

I thank them from the bottom of my heart that they have allowed me to help guide them through their difficult times!


My Life’s Mission?

To help people break through the obstacles that are holding them back in life and empower them through guidance and support to find their own true happiness!


Andrea Marsh

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