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About Me - The Full Story

I wasn't always a Life Coach! 

I will share with you the experience of my personal and professional journey.

I spent over 20 years in the hair and beauty industry so talking to people and listening to their problems and issues pretty much came with the job! Without even realising it, not only was I doing their hair and beauty treatments, I was also a shoulder to cry on sometimes, and more often than not, a mentor too! 

This was a job I loved as being around people is where I am happy in my work! 

However, around five years ago, one day in August, my life changed forever! I had a telephone call one day from school to say my child was very unwell and had self harmed! I was totally devastated! The next four years of my life was turned upside down with my child being hospitalised for practically two years with serious mental health issues and an eating disorder. 

Not only did I have to be strong for her, but I had to cope with working, looking after my home, my animals and travelling to and from London four days a week to visit her. I was completely exhausted, both mentally and physically! 

As a result of this, my own mental health deteriorated drastically but I knew I had to be strong for my child and my emotional and mental health had to take a back seat! 

Then another blow came - lockdown!!  Now I couldn't even visit my child and could only communicate through facetime calls and the stress and pressure on both of us was hugely intense, to the point of unbearable! I literally hit rock bottom and had a complete breakdown! 

However, I knew that I had to stay strong for my daughter and I tried to find ways of coping daily, especially as I couldn't work now either! I turned to social media and surprisingly found my way back on track by focusing on positive things! "Keep going," I told myself every single day!

Through the Power of Positivity and meditation, I climbed out of the deep pit I was in and started to focus on what I could do to keep myself motivated and going forward. 

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Reprogram your Mind today for Growth and Success! 

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I then had a phone call one day from a friend asking if I could speak to one of her colleagues who was going through a similar thing and of course, I said yes. 

Not only did I help this lady get through a super difficult time with her situation, but she recommended me to someone else and it started to snowball! 

Then came the lightbulb moment! "You should do this for a living" a few people said, "You're so inspiring and you make us feel so much more positive!"

So I did! "If I can do it, I can also help other people to do the same!" 

I did my training and qualified as a life coach with a distinction! 


I am so passionate about what I do and I love the joy that life gives me now, knowing that other people that are in a dark place of confusion, emotionally and mentally, can benefit from my experience and change their lives for the better just like I did! 

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